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Racquet Sports Helps In Giving A Fitter And Longer Life—Study

When effective cardio exercises are considered the activities most possibly to come in mind are running, aerobics classes, cycling, and swimming. But racquet sports such as tennis might hold even superior benefits, as per to research. The study was issued in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. And, as an additional benefit, they can also be more fun and make it easier to attain fitness goals. After analyzing data from 80,000 individuals, scientists discovered that participants in racquet sports lowered their peril of early mortality by 47%. The sports having racquet surpassed swimming and aerobics—which is the second and third mainly protective exercises—by double digits, while cycling exercise was the fourth.

The figures were even greater for lowering the peril of death from stroke or heart disease, though aerobics and swimming were still helpful as they worked out the upper and lower body, which aids in training the heart. Also, whatsoever activity the study contestants chose, the more frequently they exercised, the more their hazard of early death declined. The exercise and peril of early death were noted as 47% lower hazard of untimely death with racquet sports, 27% lower with aerobics, 28% lower with swimming, and 15% lower with cycling.

On a similar note, recently, a study explained if the children should be motivated to play more than one sport or not. Nick Holt—Professor from the UOA (University of Alberta)—who specializes in childhood development is suggesting parents keep their kid’s activities in balance. Holt said, “The parents are being aware of the benefits of kids’ participation in multiple sports activities, like building a strong foundation of movement skills. Nevertheless, some are taking it quite far, and this can be just as harmful as early specialization for the adolescent athlete.” The menaces of over scheduling too many activities are comparable on focusing on one sport: injury, burnout, and ultimate dropout are frequently the outcome.

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