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Google Employee Writes About Racism, Insensitivity In His Exit Letter

A former employee of Google has raised concerns of being mistreated due to the color of the skin and ethnicity. An internal memo had his statement saying that some employees had showed an insensitive behavior due to the ethnicity of the author.

This memo was recovered by Motherboard. Here the author mentioned that in the previous five years there were countless incidents where co-workers had spoken wrongfully towards immigrants, had mocked people who speak other languages. There had also been incidents where they had rejected candidates based on the color of the skin without stating a proper reason to do so. The author mentioned that it was wrong to be a silent spectator to such atrocities. There had always been incidents where the author felt wronged due to the color of the skin. The memo also mentioned how the author was having trouble of performing to up to the full potential due to such hateful incidents.

Here the author made reference to the mantra that Google followed by asking the employees to perform their best in the organization. Motherboard hid the identity of the author to protect him for any unruly retaliation. The author mentioned in the memo that he previously worked in a Google office back Chelsea, Manhattan.

He also said that while being weighed down by such hateful comments, there were also incidents where there were employees who were making efforts to make the company more inclusive.

There was also another incident where another such memo went viral. Here discrimination toward a pregnant woman was mentioned. Early this year, a mass walk out of employees in Google was witnessed that was organized by two employees. They had also complained about retaliation from the tech giant. A spokesperson from Google said that there are multiple channels where the employees can speak up and this is monitored by Motherboard to reduce the retaliation faced later.

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